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June – Crossfit & Video projects

The month started with Crossfit workshops in Spain, a couple of performances in Hungary and mostly planning and directing a few video projects in Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany as well. We were lucky to have great artists on board and on the top of that the excellent crew of Devin Supertramp – Tyson &…

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Invictus Games

May – Invictus Games

One of the most inspiring sport event I had the chance to be part of, was held in Orlando this May – Invictus Games – I definitely recommend to everyone to attend it next year in Toronto! Before that I was lucky to be part of the Hungarian crew in Hamburg for a few…

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TV interview

April – Fitness, Promotion & Media

The April update is a bit delayed, as not only April but the beginning of May has been very busy, too. Started off the month with plenty of training, photo shooting for Borostyan Wedding Dress Salon , a fitness trip to Cologne, training time in Munich, off to Venice for a wedding dress expo,Hungary for Youth Sport, TV, opening…

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Orlando Magic

March – Media travels

I was lucky to start March in Berlin with performing and promoting Hungary at the International Touristic Borze. Great event, lot of new experiences, and super good people! After Berlin, I was off to Orlando, for a couple of meetings, school visits and a little dream of mine came true by having the chance to…

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February – Csardas

In February, I spent the first week training for a performance in my hometown, it was the time for a Hungarian style skipping routine – you can have a look at it here: Csardas At the meantime, we also did another photo shooting for Borostyan Eskuvoi Szalon , soon you can browse the pictures in the gallery as well!…

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