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June – sport events

In June, I was lucky to be one of the performers for the French Basketball Finals, in Strasbourg and Limoges. I also had the chance to work with a great group of Kangatrainers in Frankfurt.  At the meantime, we have also started a fitness project, with a couple of scientific researches, which will continue in…

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May – PR and marketing

After finishing Rockabilly in Essen, I was ready to go to Hungary for a little while. I had a performance in Budapest, promoting physical activity, it was a successful day and we were very lucky with the weather. We were not this lucky in Jump City for the trampoline classes, but I still had a…

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April – short trips

While the Rockabilly show continued in Essen, I had the possibility to go for a quick trip to Budapest as well as to Rome for a couple of PR events. In Budapest, I was part of a great group of people, opening JUMP CITY  on the top of a shopping centre! If you are ever around,…

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March – PR Preparations

On a cold but sunny winter day, we decided to work on a promotion and marketing project for a wedding dress shop ( Borostyan Eskuvoi Szalon  ) from my home town – Szombathely. It was one of the days in the beginning of this month, that was filled up with plenty of fun and new experiences, jumping…

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February – recharging

Started the month with a few special events, in Germany, I had the chance to perform for the soccer team of Borussia Dortmund with a small group of the Rockabilly artists. After a week of galas, I was ready to join my sister and the Quidam group in Budapest, spending their days off with giving…

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