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March – in Munich

After performing at the Rio Carnival, the next show call was in Munich, right from the airport, arriving to the theater, to join the cast of “Quebec 2nd Avenue”, and get ready for the premiere of the show. A week of performing was followed by a quick trip to Prague, to be part of…

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Rio Carnaval - photo by Elisa Pires

February – traveling month

After returning from the US in the beginning of February, I had a few days to unpack and get ready for the next trip, to Paris. I had to present a new but shorter choreography on modern music, which was a great challenge to work on. After Paris, I was back in Germany for a…

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Jacoclothing - sponsorship

January – JACO clothing

January has been a super busy month, with a major change regarding my outfits – we signed a sponsorship agreement with JACO clothing . After a week of shows in Germany, and a very special workshop for Firefighters ( Grafschaften Feuerwehr Sportler ), with plenty of fun, I continued with more workshops in Pennsylvania, in association with Cornerstone Clubs , then I…

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Adrienn Banhegyi

December – performances

The month of the holiday season was very busy with plenty shows, couple of workshops and preparation for the upcoming events. The demanding season taught me a good lesson about how to stay healthy and how to train besides performing all the time. A huge appreciation to all the members of the Quebec Show…

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Visual Writer

November – photo shooting, filming, performing

November started with moving to another city with the Quebec show. After two big rehearsal days, we continued performing in Bad Oeynhausen, and the shows will keep going during the holiday season as well! Besides the performances, there was some time for shooting new videos in different locations, I also had the chance to…

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